six by seven make this weeks NME!

It’s not very often we get in the NME these days, definitly not if it’s regarding a release, but this week Mark Beaumont decided to give us another one of his mentions, albeit a slightly sideways one. Charmed none-the-less, but sad to know his dedication towards the band was partly responsible for him not getting laid. It’s your fault Mark, btw. I didn’t realize you were wearing a six by seven t-shirt the day you made the news for the Keith Richards-snorts-his-Dads-ashes-story though… Yeah!

“I got a Sawn-Off Metallica T-shirt…”

Scan 143320001



  1. i wore my six by seven shirt for a few years in washington, dc before i moved to amsterdam. probably the only one in the city with that shirt. and definitely the only one in the city putting Requiem For An Oil-Spill Seagull on mix-tapes ….

  2. The price of fame, eh? Well, you’ll be making the credits in my next ‘new’ book. And they will be complimentary. Must send you the chapter again, I think I made it work with your valuable advise. I was able to make up a new scenario around the gun being automatic and how Edgar – now renamed, Albert, came to have one. I have sent it off to the publishers as had to make my deadline, but it can still be changed if you don’t think it feasible as there are a number of edits to go through yet. Dreading them.

    But hey back to the NME – no pub is bad pub, loved the article, very funny. The only blokes I see these days in band T-shirts is pop-bellied, bear swilling, long-haired, fifty somethings, living in the past – and then I only glimpse the T shirt when they dismount from their huge bikes, bless them, don’t you just love such characters? Oh, and don’t forget their girlfriend, same age, leather-clad, long bleached hair, T. Shirt stretched over huge boobs, and really hard-looking, but the salt of the earth. All power to them, never give up your youth, the zimmer frame beckons all too soon! Love and hugs xxx.

      1. haha, you never said you wouldn’t have the girl friend, though!! Know you won’t. Great to hear the book – I assume you mean Christmas Fireside Stories? Is being displayed well. xxx

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