Awesome Twelve Gig in Brixton last night…


I have to say that was one of the best Twelve sets I’ve played last night, I really enjoyed it and it was a great mixture of new and old technology, Ableton Live with real analogue and soft synths. I played Ableton Live 7 with an old Oxygen 8 midi keyboard controlling the Arturia Mini Moog and the (fantastic) Arturia Arp 2600. I also used a bit of Ableton Live’s own String Machine soft synth plug in which is a really nice sounding preset. Pete played the Korg MS20 Mini with effects.

Thanks to Chris and Mike for putting us on. I may give the recording of the live set away with next months MuZiK KluB – I haven’t decided yet, but I’m not going to put it out on the Twelve site this should have been there!

Set list was (about 40 Minutes):

1. Aokigara
2. Here It Comes Again
3. Eat Without A Sound
4. Clock Tick Tock
5. Fixed Expression


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