KluB Mix!33 OUT NOW!

album cover with sticker

(only 300) Limited Edition Double Album OUT NOW…

Only available as limited edition double Vinyl (comes with free download in 96khz 24 Bit WAV, FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC, or Ogg Vorbis format or MP3 320)
Get your copy from your record shop or buy online by clicking image above
Answers to FAQ & 10 reasons why you should buy this record…!!

1. Only 292 vinyl are being made available for sale and this record will not be manufactured as a CD. It will be worth lots of money on Discogs and ebay this time next year. Cool, it’s an investment!

2. You get a download with the vinyl. If you don’t have a record player, download the twice than CD quality files and if you don’t do downloads, get a friend to download them and burn you a CD.

4. Support music and keep music evil as the Brian Jonestown Massacre would say. By buying the vinyl and using the downloads you are supporting smaller bands. CD’s need to be manufactured in their 1000’s to go into the stores. This leads to too many being manufactured and one third being returned. This costs the band money and then they have to sell the rest off cheap. It’s a crap-junk-throw-away culture and it’s not fair on the consumer or the artist.

5. Become part of the few who own it, keep it exclusive or whack it all over the net, the choice is yours.

6. **** iTunes.

7. It looks cool and sounds the way it should, because it’s on vinyl.

8. What else will you spend £20 on instead this month? Be a freak, join the KluB go to bed tonight knowing you have funded the arts and got something great in return!

9. It may prompt you to buy a record player or ask for one for xmas? A whole new world awaits!

10. All of the above and because you are a cool mother-of-a-hipster, you love Iggy Pop and what he had to say in his BRILLIANT John Peel lecture and you know it makes sense…

six by seven KluBMix33 is a unique album. In April 2013 Chris Olley started his website MuZiK KluB, which was a way of funding and being able to artistically manage his own vision for his musical and creative output. Every month Olley would sell his demo’s and his stories and photographs in an exclusive artistic package, handmade and individually signed and numbered to each buyer.

During this period Olley released over 60 songs and several mini albums before re-recording and mixing tracks to compile an album which he felt captured the dark and intense uplifting sound he was looking for, a sound which was to be reminiscent of a setlist from the 80’s Blitz Club.

“I wanted to feel lonely and detached when I wrote the music for this record, so it felt like I felt when I was 15, when I first fell in love with music properly. The music of that time was all the early synth stuff and it felt cold and industrial but pure and melodic too. It was real punk. I forced myself into solitude so I could get on with the task of self examination. I wanted it to be six by seven but I wanted it to be free from six by seven and free from the temptation to just follow on from what had gone before. I wanted detatchment, detatchment and tranquility and songs that reminded me of just being who I am, not what people want me to be.” CHRIS OLLEY

This record is six by seven firing on all cylinders, albeit with a new sound. They are in a dark basement club, jamming with Bauhaus and Fad Gadget and early Kraftwerk. At times the record is Krautrock and psychedelic at other times sparse and beautifuly melodic and with tracks like the 9 minute ‘Stealth Wind’ and the gargantuan 8 minute ‘Master Race’ it is as heavy as or even heavier than any six by seven record before.

And… as promised, everyone who bought a MuZiK KluB release was given a credit on the album as executive producer.



  1. Hi, just ordered from Cargo Records, but cant see how to get the download. Will there be some instructions/code with the record or did I missing something? Cheers

  2. das sind viele gute gründe die platte zu kaufen! könntest du mir die platte mit einer rechnung schicken? ich war auf dieser kaufseite, kam da aber nicht klar. hatte kein bock mehr weiter zu klicken. gruß joerg

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