URGENT request…


I really want to do the new  S I X . B Y  S E V E N  album 12″ Vinyl only (+ free download) and exclusively via iTunes and other download sites etc. ie. NO CD.
I would like to make the album look and feel special and also, if I can do future releases like this, as limited Vinyl and download only, I will be able to put out more and better looking releases throughout the year.

I have made a poll on my website (CLICK HERE) and it would help me enormously if you could PLEASE go and answer it honestly and tick your box as soon as possible.

Thanks, CHRIS



  1. Only concern from me is that I don’t buy lossy MP3 music, e.g. iTunes, Google, Amazon Download etc. However, if this was available in lossless format (as you’ve previously done on Bandcamp) I’d be fine with that 🙂

  2. I’m the same as Pete – I’ll only buy digital music lossless. There is no reason not to offer this now as the bandwidth arguments of old are long gone.

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