MuZiK KluB executive producer album credits…

The following people will be receiveing a credit on the forthcoming six by seven album as Executive Producers:

(these are in no particular order)

David Hirsch, Ian Greason, Jez Bacon, Ollie Morrissey, Fuji Kenya, Rich Fisher, Paul Stroud, Ammar Rusch, Shohei Miyauchi, Colin Malkin, Sean Knight, Lone Bodot, Dirk Offergeld, Jean-Paul Monseu, Daniel Broadbent, Stuart Clarke, Terry Smith, Andrew Mora, Ian Montgomery, Philip Westnott, Jay Clegg, Carl Carter, Philip Thompson, Rob Dickinson, Nicholas Gabay, Jorge Salguero Piedras, Torsten Eberlein, Stuart Haynes, Simon Nutbrown, Philip Martin, Philip Westnott, Joeri Demey, Robert Anderson, Dominik Wolter, Mathias Skeppstedt, Stephen Coleman, David Simpson, Fausto Soncini, Gregory Mohler, Violaine Victoria, Eric Campoy, Simon Welburn, Graeme Marsh, Simon Finch, Stephen Hitchcock, Howard Sprange, Gavin Havery, Kenneth Eckmann, Kenny Kerr, Matthew Carter, Jon Pilkington, Roger Chapman, Gavin Bradley, William Savage, Simon Harlock, Nick Sharp, Suzanne Gerke, Tom Smith, David Caldwell, Matt Pugh, David Wilson, Matthew Faulkner, Michael Newsham, James Riding, Simon Combe, Ian Cheeseright, Ralph Bullivant, Stuart Haynes, David Howarth, M.J. Smith.

All of these people are part of the MuZiK KluB and by buying either one or all of the releases have funded the writing and recording of the album. If you have bought a MuZiK KluB release and are not on this list please let me know in the comments if for some spuddy reason I’ve missed you out (sorry!). Alternatively, if you are on this list and for some reason don’t want to be given a credit on the album please email me at:

(Also, now is the time to check the spelling of your name or if you would like your name changed!)

Everybody who has bought all of the releases will receive a free signed copy of the album so don’t buy one when it comes out, you don’t have to!

A big thanks to everyone who has bought a release but especially those of you who have dug deep and bought one every month. It started with 2 free downloads and has now developed into something special that I really love doing.

So far, since April last year, a total of 50 songs, 2 Twelve albums, 5 Chapters of my Autobiography, 4 compilation albums, A t-shirt, loads of photographs and various other bits and bobs have been given away. It’s better than a ‘Pledge’ site, we’re doing it ourselves!

Each month I will try and give as much as I can, thanks once again to everyone.

Join the MuZiK KluB!! Keep It Real…CHRIS



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