New Single in singlesKlub & 6000 words and cool photo’s!




    1. Your making me sound like a cunt! It’s not just a two track CD for £20!!!!! You get a 6000 word booklet with it and 5 original unique colour photographs and it’s signed and numbered. You can also download the two tracks higher quality than CD and get the booklet as a PDF for £5.00. If you don’t want to pay a fiver either you can download the MP3’s for free. I don’t know what else to do? I thought I was being fucking fair?

      1. I think we’ve that it too good for too long. 30 years ago I’d pay £3.29 for a 12″ single, I dunno how much that would translate to these days, but I know they didn’t come with a 6000 word booklet, unique photo’s and autographed to boot.. Music is cheap as chips these days, and I admire Chris immensely for sticking with it despite it’s pitiful returns, and trying to add unique touches to a lot of his releases. Bear in mind too just how much music Chris has given away via downloads and the price of his older material. I’m not an apologist for Chris, I don’t like everything he’s done or buy every release and you can even listen to the tracks beforehand. You pay’s your money and makes the choice.

  1. The previous one came with two photographs only. £40 for 2 CDs and some extras. (4 songs in total). Out of interest have you sold many?

    12″ singles now average at around £8. 7″s £5. Chris I WANT TO SUPPORT YOU but £20 is just too much for a homemade CDr with 2 songs on!!

    Another note: they’re also “JEWEL” cases NOT “dual” cases on the bandcamp site.

    Maybe I’m a cunt, but then you are what you eat and if you eat junk you become junk.

    1. Sorry Paul. You don’t have to buy my junk, it’s a free world! The second single came with 5 photographs actually and the lyrics were all hand written and the whole thing was presented really nicely. Is it value for money? I dunno, hand written lyrics, 5 photographs on heavy weight paper, a personally dedicated card carefully packed and numbered and signed? What can you buy for £20 these days? It’s supposed to make you think about what music is and should be and how much it is worth to the individual. How long did it take me to write and record the songs, on what equipment? How much did the photopaper, card and CD cost and how long did it take me to sit down and write out all the lyrics and present it and put it in a padded envelope so it didn’t get damaged? I’ve given the first two songs away as downloads too. If you add all this up I’m probably on about £1.20 an hour. I like Dual case, I like Digikill Anerlog, I’m just playing around with words. I never called you a cunt, you did that yourself, I said you were making me out to be a cunt, a greedhead by saying you ‘only get this for this’ but getting the facts wrong. I also sold clear vinyl 12″ signed and including postage and vinyl packaging for £10, is that fair? What about 9 CD’s for £5, I’ve been doing that for years now? Is that fair? It seems like you want to SUPPORT ME but it has to be on your terms. And by the way, how do you know that I don’t give stuff away to people who are loyal to me? There is a lot you may not see? Free tickets to gigs, lyric books, records and cd’s. I appreciate what you are saying but you are sounding a bit sour grapesish. Just elect not to buy, it’s your right, we ain’t in Eeegipt ya know.

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