The Human Centipede

Has anyone seen the Human Centipede? I’ve watched the first one twice and yesterday got around to watching part 2. FUCK!!! On the bonus disc there is an interview with the director and he claims that the idea behind the sequel was to make the first one look like ‘My Little Pony!!’ He also claims that part 3 should make the sequel look like ‘an interesting Disney movie’!! Can’t wait!!!!



  1. I thought the first was worse, that crazy German guy was creepy. I watch a lot of horror films and they usually don’t bother me but that one was weird. 😉

  2. I quite enjoyed the first one, the humour was lighter (but still twisted). The second one was certainly darker and much more brutal.

    The scale of the third one is just mind blowing, and will be even more horrific to get all the “parts” together for each segment would take more than one person.

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