Frankie Boyle at The Royal Centre Nottingham

I went to see Frankie Boyle last night in Nottingham’s Royal Centre. I thought I might get Bill Hicks but all I got was Bernard Manning. Half the set was great but the jokes wore thin when I realized that the backbone of his set was just going to be peodophiles, rape and the disabled. At times a bit of racism crept through which just made me feel uneasy. It’s funny to pick on people in the front row and make them stooges for presenting carefully rehearsed anti heckler put downs, but to do it twice in one show was lame.  Sometimes his jokes didn’t work on me because I didn’t know which ‘celebrity’ he was talking about, I don’t read Hello or OK magazine or watch the telly religiously. Don’t get me wrong, this guy is funny but I didn’t think he really had much to say, it seemed to be just jokes made at other peoples expense. He certainly ain’t no Bill Hicks, even if he did mention sucking satans scaly pecker and do a ‘goatboy’ impression.  Still, it’s easy for me to criticize someone for doing something I myself haven’t had a go at.



  1. He should stick to being ‘that shocking one’ on TV panel shows…I think Stewart Lee is probably more up your street (and mine)!

  2. I think that’s a balanced review Chris, and appreciate the self deprecating final sentence. I have this theory relating to comedians that also applies to support bands – follow my argument here…

    My theory is that once fame and recognition is achieved, the innovation and originality that propelled the comedian/band into the public eye is lost. They can become lazy in that they don’t need to win people over anymore, because people know who they are. In essence, they become comfortable. Like fat, middle aged married couples. Or maybe not…

    I am constantly reminded of this when I go to see bands that I’ve loved for ages, always to be blown away by the support band, who have to try harder to win over people. I discovered and fell in love with The Veils, The Jeevas, I Am Klute and Six By Seven this way.

    Actually, SXS/Chris Olley are bad examples as they’ve always been consistently brilliant, creative and life affirming. Which kinda fucks my theory up…

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