Second Vinyl CD out now

Part 2 out now as digital and vinyl CD. I’ll be posting them out next week. This one has 7 tracks.



  1. Sounds great! Looking forward to the next one!! Will Rick P be doing your sound in Notts? Need to catch up with him.

    Btw, Where’s “I can Make You Sick” vanished to? Missing it from my collection… Thought it was unlimited??

    Also, what was the second track that was offered with “Bring Down The Government” download? Also missing that from my collection.

    CHEERS Chris! Keep the faith!

    1. Ric is in America I think. You can buy t shirts from the band camp site Matt. All best.

      Chris (from my iPhone)

  2. I wasn’t sure what to do with I can make you sick. I’ll put it in the bootleg shop. Can’t remember what song that was? Maybe put something in the forum and I’ll see if I can dig it out.

  3. So the first ones it says by (The Death of) Six by seven, but the new one says by Six by seven. How come you changed it?

  4. Just checked my MP3s, and the 2nd track on “Bring Down The Government” was called “OK”. I was also wondering where I Can Make You Sick had disappeared to, but just never got around to asking

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