Me in my Studio

Here’s a video I made in my studio! There is also a goofed up one which I put up because it made me laugh.



  1. Enjoyed watching – interesting to see how everything’s set up.

    So I have to ask… what’s that box where you said “don’t even ask” ?!

  2. nice to see the 6×7 bootlegs back and they do look pretty cool, any of your older material going to be reissused?? east of edale, etc…

      1. Ah cool – I wondered why the solo stuff had disappeared from the SixBySeven bandcamp. Didn’t realise there was a ChrisOlley one too.

      2. CD’s IF they got released… i missed out on some (the 4-track demo one I remember). But thanks for the the link. Downloaded the missing ones. Nice one!

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