London Trip

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 I just went down to London for three days to help my mate Ric out humping gear and hanging out with the band Real Estate. They played a couple of shows in London and did a couple of sessions at The Guardian and Maida Vale while I was with them. They’re a great band and musically and as people they put a big smile on my face and made me feel very welcome.

At Koko they played with Sonic Boom and Kurt Vile and it was a night of amazing music. Me and Ric also went to Denmark Street to visit a shop where we sell Coopersonic Pedals. The building the shop is in was also the place where the Sex Pistols lived and rehearsed and wrote Never Mind The Bollocks. The guys were kind enough to let me and Ric out the back to show us the 2 rooms the Pistols lived and rehearsed in. The room they lived in is covered in their graffiti. Nanny Spunger!



  1. Care to name the shop you can buy the pedals in? I’ve always been pretty blown away by the distortion Six by Seven used (especially in ‘Sometimes I feel like…’). x

      1. That’s amazing, thanks. I want one! The crunch when the distortion kicks in on that tune is immense. Glad to hear Six By Seven are up and active again. I got dragged into seeing Placebo at Brixton academy when I was about 18. Your support slot made the whole evening worthwhile (even making the fact I failed to get off with any of the three girls I’d gone with a minor insignificance).

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