I’ve put a new single up on the bandcamp site with 4 new tracks and some other stuff on it to celebrate Valentines day.  It’s free if you want it as a download only.  Working solidly on the next album now and getting live dates together. Click on the picture!

Oh and someone stole my new bike.



  1. Hey Chris I only paid for the download! if I owe you any more let me know?
    Liked the Cigarette Cards “Relegated To History” thanks very much. I used to collect this sort of thing in the past I will add them to my collection. I hope Fratton Park and Portsmouth Football Club will not soon become one of them. I do believe those clouds in your Photograph are getting even darker as I look at them!

  2. Cheers for the valentines card! Great new songs and liking the compilations too. Good taste!

    Any plans to reissue the other download only e.p.’s? they’ve vanished from the site!

  3. I hope Pompey stay afloat. But that was a shock also about Rangers! They’re top of their game!! What’s all that about???

  4. Cd is reluctant to play, so going for the download; thanks for the the other cd Chris. What sort of bike did you (briefly) have?

    1. Start with the album Solid Air and then get One World. If you like them get Bless The Weather and Live at Leeds. Philentropy is also great, but I don’t know if you can get that anymore. The rest you can work out for yourself like I did. I think I must have seen him live more than any other band.

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