The Closer You Get

  Beggars Banquets distribution company PIAS was burnt down in the riots last summer and Beggars lost 750.000 CD’s including the first 3 six.byseven albums. I’ve managed to find some copies and add them to the bandcamp site.

This is generally regarded as the bands best album but for me it was always six.byseven:04. I think performance wise we were at our best when we did this record, especially live, maybe that is why people and journos hold this album up as an example of what we were like at our best. We had fun making it, especially the songs when John Leckie came up to produce. It certainly has a sound but as a band we were quite depressed about the music industry when we made it. I think that comes across in the lyrics and the music. It was also the only album we made drinking nothing but Special Brew!!


One comment

  1. seven always made albums – not collections of songs – but music that demanded to be listened to as something cohesive. 04 is epic and definitely my favorite of the bunch. to me it’s comparable to ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space – peaks and valleys in mood and tone but consistently great. everything works together. nothing is out of place.

    and for my money bochum is one of the great songs of the decade.

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