New Album out now…

I’ve just written an album on a Tascam 8 Track using only analogue instruments. This album is supposed to be my answer to Bruce Springsteens Nebraska, simple, stripped down and stark. I’m doing an experiment whereby you can name the price you want to pay for the digital download only. It’s free if you want!

Peace and Love.




  1. hmm. i’ve been trying to order and only getting an error message….and now the fancy edition is sold out, so someone is getting through!

    1. crap. looks like it was a network issue for me. i finally just went outside of my work network and it works fine. never had a problem before….. oh well. anyway, thanks for more music!

  2. Out of interest, what’s on the second “compilation” disc? Just wondering whether to go for the digital download of the single disc or to splash out on the deluxe version!

    1. It’s 10 tracks that I have done as a kind of “girlfriend compilation” of music out of my record collection! I can’t tell you what’s on it though, it’s a surprise!

  3. The two free (Death of) Six By Seven songs we got earlier, are they from the same sessions? And how come you picked this name for this group of songs?

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