My Biker Friend

For 10 months my friend lay in a coma.
We didn’t know whether to switch him off
After his terrible motorcycle trauma.

Finally, and after a while,
He came back to life,
But sadly only with cabbage on his mind.

He used to make us laugh
But now just makes us cry.
He just lies there on his back
And stares out of one useless eye.

It’s been 10 months since my friend came out of his coma.

He doesn’t ever say a word
And he looks really bored.

But the saddest thing of all
Is that we don’t go to see him anymore.



  1. Hell, that is breaking up old wounds. I lost a co-worker several years ago. He lost control of his bike while racing home with a friend of his on a wet street. After vegetating in hospital for about two weeks, he eventually died. Leaving behind a wife and a baby (who will now never remember his father).

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