10 reasons for being lonely

1. You were in New York and you had no money and you were missing your wife and family who were thousands of miles away and probably sleeping
2. You were in California and you had greasy hair and bad teeth and lots of rich friends in the record industry
3. You had left home under awkward circumstances and had yet to learn how to make friends, added to this, you were in a foreign country, which you neither liked nor understood.
4. You have been brought up to believe in God, against your will and you knew he never existed. You have just received a visit from a police officer that informed you that your entire family has been killed senselessly in a car crash caused by a drunk driver.
5. You are in a Motel considering suicide
6. You are 80 years old and thinking of your dead friends and you realize that you have missed just about every opportunity presented to you in life and you never realized any of your dreams.
7. You never learned to apologise and now it’s too late
8. You are bitter and everything that went wrong in your life was somebody else’s fault. Added to this, you are in prison for 25 years because you killed somebody you actually really loved.
9. You tried revenge and it didn’t work. The consequences of your actions have left you crippled and in a wheelchair. You have no money and are living in a place that is so bad no one will come to visit you.
10. You have taken so many drugs that you now face certain death and there is no going back. You have placed a shotgun in your mouth and are about to pull the trigger.


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