Bedtime Story

I know that Gods in Heaven
And loves us from above the stars
And God is all forgiving
And wants the best for us
But when I see the dying
The souls he rarely saves
I can’t stop myself from thinking
Why did God give us aids?

I know about the wars in history
And half a million dozen dead Jews
And from the pens of first war poets
I nearly know what they went through
But when I see our statesmen barter to and fro
Stealing all our taxes
I think that they should go

Some Mothers have no money
And many mouths to feed
Some Fathers need defending from corporate greed
Most Mothers have their problems
And Fathers need to work
But when they hit their children
I think they need some help

And rock and Roll religion
Preys heavy on its stars
They die in their own bathtubs
They fall down dead in bars
I understand the reasons
Of why they’re all in Heaven
But someone please explain
Why Chapman shot John Lennon

Nothing of think and while a smile
Rely can you children lovely my me on
Sleep and dream and eyes your close
And sweetly kissed upon your nose
I’ll write some poems backwards
So that they just confuse
I think I’ll give up thinking
And just sit back and muse.

Chris Olley 1995


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