Legend has it.

Legend has it that when you piss in a river
You can see the future dance.
You can see the ghosts that haunt the world
The ones that did all the things we think are bad.
You can look down and see the sky reflecting more than a thousand years.
You can hear the strains of the weight of the strange fruit that used to hang from the trees.
You can see all the history, happy dark and true.
You can take a ride of misery; you can paint it red or blue.
If you’re looking up and pissing down, you might even see a satellite.
But only if it’s night.

On your way back home, humming sweetly, you may not feel the same anymore.

After all that drinking and pissing in the river
You just had one of those weird and fleeting thoughts.
You thought that you could see the future
But you really just thought about some odd things from the past.



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