Does anything make much sense?

Does anything make much sense?
Does Trevor Brooking sit on the fence?
Is Robbie Williams full of shit?
Did Ian Curtis have the odd fit?
Is my first name Chris?
Do toilets stink of piss?
Did Einstein have a theory?
Does Thora Hurd look dreary?
Does beer come in a can?
Does ice cream come in a van?
Are the Royal family rich?
Is Scooby Doo one son of a bitch?
Did Noriega knock out Coke?
Did Bob Marley smoke the odd dope?
Did Oliver Reed ever get pissed?
Did Chubby Chekker do the twist?
Was Jimmy Dean a real cool cat?
Was Kennedy a democrat?
Will narcotics get you hooked?
Did Dostoyevsky right the odd book?
Was Al Capone a crook?
Did Buddy Holly wear horn-rimmed specs?
Is the Czech republic full of Czechs?
Did Sigmund Freud consider sex?
Do workers want a living wage?
Do rock stars lie about their age?
Did Elvis ever Rock and roll
Did James Brown have any soul?
Does Superman wear blue tights?
And keep away from kryptonite?
Do people die alone in bed?
Is Princess Diana really dead?
Do bees shit honey?
Do footballers own shit loads of money?
Do boiled eggs make you choke?
Was Jesus a good bloke?
Do rabbits breed like rabbits?
Do smokers have bad habits?
Do politicians bore?
Did Hitler have a war?
Are cattle killed in reservoirs?
Is water kept in abattoirs?

Chris Olley 2002


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