New Demo’s Things We Make

I’ll be putting up some songs that weren’t used for The Things We Make Album tonight. There will be 3 songs recorded during the sessions which never made it onto the album and also two songs from before the first album plus some very early demos and acoustic radio songs recorded in Germany in 95. I will also be selling 2 lyric books from this period, including my most treasured, which spans from Your Town through to Eat Junk Become Junk. I will also be including white labels and two rare as hens teeth American promo’s (ive only got one of each and they are going with this package). Also very early promo photographs, posters, tour Itinery’s and very early lyric booklet fliers amongst other things. I will only sell a very limited amount of these early recordings and they will not be available for download. Keep your eyes peeled, there will be two special packages and a handful of CD’s only.

Also please check out Dorian Copes amazing revolutionary blog, called, On This Deity, and if you like it please join her mailing list, it’s a truly brilliant blog


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