Reduced CD campaign

I can’t believe how many CD’s have gone flying out since I sent the mail out yesterday afternoon, unbelievable. It just shows you what a CD is worth now, 50p + a bit of postage! I can sell hundreds at that price but I’m afraid it won’t buy me that Harley Davidson or even pay the rent. I never realized that selling so many records could make me feel so depressed.



  1. I don’t feel (completely) guilty, because I’ve seen you live two times in Athens and one in London and I’ve almost bought your discography! I just got back reloading my prepaid card, so I can order some more for presents for my friends, to spread the good music! So you don’t have to feel (completely) depressed, just go out there and play your music, we’re waiting for you Chris! 🙂

  2. chris, have loved u since peely played ‘european me’ in ’97, got everything you’ve done on c.d. / vinyl . . . . afraid dont do downloads . . . old school need to feel what im listening to. . . .charge £1.50 a c.d. . . . mite help towards the rent . . .bob x

  3. so are these not for sale any more? just need a couple more to complete my collection. been unemployed myself for a few months and i now have a few quid. i’ll even post some jiffy bags with the postage BACK to me if you’re worried about only making 50p on em.

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