Gary Moore RIP

I was shocked to wake up this morning to hear the sad news that Gary Moore was dead. I know he made some cheesy music but there is no doubting that he was one of the greatest electric rock guitarists ever. Like Van Halen, he took guitar playing up to another level. So today I shall listen to Thin Lizzy’s Black Rose, their best album in my opinion, largely due to Gary Moore’s amazing guitar playing and some corking tunes.
I saw Gary Moore only once way back in 1982 and that was completely by accident. When I lived in Germany I was at my friends house in Dortmund and he lived very close to the Westfahlen Halle, a very big arena venue, and that night there was a gig on called Rock Pop with a number of bands on 2 stages and it was televised by German TV. We had no money but we went down there anyway to see if we could get in. We met some crew and told them we were English and they let us in (this always worked!) and we suddenly found ourselves standing there watching Tom Petty. Gary Moore came on as soon as Tom Petty finished and completely blew us away. I just found a clip of the gig on youtube and I think the TV people were cheating because there is a big crowd at the beginning of the clip but from what I can remember there was hardly anybody there that night, it was late on a Sunday and I don’t think many people really knew who Gary Moore was. Me and my mate stood right at the front and at one point Gary Moore jumped off the stage and stood right in front of us shredding. After the gig was finished we hung around and shouted over to the crew on the stage that we were English and could we jump over the barrier and meet the band. They let us through and one of them skinned up and me and my mate got completely shit faced. I got up on to the stage and had a quick go on Ian Paice’s drum kit but we were only 17 and laughing too much to go and meet the band, it seemed like a much better idea to head off to the garage and buy a Mars Bar. I can tell you though that when I first met Sam Hempton he was wearing a denim jacket with Gary Moores autograph on the back and I was very jealous!



  1. It’s a great loss indeed. It shocked me when I heard it yesterday. 58 is no age for dying. I sadly didn’t see him live ever, though he was around here a lot (even in the last years).
    R.I.P. Gary.

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