The Grapes Of Hyman Roth

Thanks to everyone who bought a cd! I had a bit of a nightmare getting the artwork right but all Cd’s were sent out first class today. Hyman Roth is now also sold out.



  1. listening to it now – really glad i bought a copy. i think this is some of the best stuff i’ve heard from you. i’m really into this.

    1. Thanks Dave, that’s really kind of you. I was actually teetering on not releasing these songs because I thought they weren’t that good! I wrote them as all the snow was coming down and everything was freezing over and I couldn’t use my bike to go anywhere. I felt trapped and maybe that’s why I didn’t like the songs. I also feel now that I should try harder to produce my songs a bit better after making that EP and am now working in a proper studio again. It’s nice of you to leave this comment, sometimes I feel like I lost a lot of my audience because I don’t do loud and heavy six.byseven type music!

      1. i love the loud stuff, but passion can still be there in the quiet stuff. and let’s not underestimate the power of a pretty song! i found these songs to be adult, compelling and … pretty.

        the sound might be a bit different, but it’s the same voice (and i don’t mean your singing voice, literally) that i’ve been listening to for years. there’s a special place in m heart for LOUD!, but right now the quiet is really working for me.

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