FIFA you total ****s!

I really think FIFA has now proven itself to be the most corrupt organization in the world. Personally, I don’t blame the BBC or the British press for not getting to host the tournament. We have to be thankful that the free press in this country is even allowed to broadcast such a programme just before the ‘vote’. If the allegations are true, we should do our best to expose these people, even if that does mean not getting the world cup. The clever thing would have been to win it and then tell them to shove it.
They really rubbed our faces in it, politicians, royalty and sportsmen, strung along and kicked in the teeth with one vote. Oh yeah, and football was invented in China Sepp, nice comment.
So Qatar then, no booze and sharia law, I’m on my way already.



  1. I quite agree Chris (and said the same on my own blog today). The World Cup Bid is no longer about the best place to hold a football tournament, it’s about who provided the biggest brown envelope full of cash. A real shame…not that football had a great deal of dignity left, but there was an opportunity there that was blown. Can’t see the tournament ever being held in Britain again now…at least until all those rich fat old men who hate England die off!

    Big Six By Seven fan, by the way.

    1. I see you are well prepared. ;o)

      It will be fun to see the usual “naked” brazillian females in burkhas while 50 degrees Celcius outside. I bet the hangman will have vacation freeze during the WM.

      I was on vacation in Syria and Jordan once – Both are very nice and friendly countries. Jordan is wonderful – open to the world as I suppose no other country down there. Syria is wonderful, too – especially Damascus is an amazing city. But in the smaller Syrian villages some men couldn’t handle women in T-Shirts. It led to some obvious “handwork” while watching us sitting on a bench in a park.
      So probably the all local men will have a tennis elbow after the WM.

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