Tell me I ain’t dreaming

West Ham 4 Manchester United 0
Avram Can’t.. yes he can! Made me feel a bit better (I’m ill folks and have lost my voice) and I am snowed in and the roads are covered in ice and all the schools are closed but it cheers you up no end when your team finally pulls it’s collective finger out of it’s arse and tries to win something. A semi final then!



  1. Congratulations to your Hammers, glad the result made you feel a bit better! Good luck in the semi & hopefully the final! From a Man U fan.

  2. Must be tough being a Hammers fan! Being the other end of the league with debt and losing (mind you on the start of a run) rather than top and winning with debt.
    I hope AG’s gonna pull through for you as I think he did a good job at The Bridge and Pompey.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Snowed in Steve.

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