new six.byseven bootleg

Spazialle festival Turin 25th July, 2004

01. Ten Places To Die (5.22)
02. My Life Is An Accident (4.39)
03. Ocean (5.16)
04. So Close (5.32)
05. catch the rain (4.50)
06. IOU Love (3.52)
07. European Me (10.34)

Many other older bootlegs have now been added to the shop. click here




      1. I would say maybe between six and seven £. Or even better: why don’t you put it on a site like this or maybe at least introduce a shopping-system like on that site. People have then the opportunity to buy the CD (from your site or this site) if they want. If not they can choose between several audioformats to buy and download the music. And if I could get the bootleg as a lossless FLAC file for maybe 5£ incl. the cover art (with a good resolution) I would prefer that definitely insted of sending me a CD (for 3£ extra costs). At least when it is a bootleg without booklet. Look for examle at this album to see what I mean:
        I have discovered this site just recently so I don’t know what the conditions for artists are but as a costumer I like the opportunity to select exactly what i want.

  1. I hope you don’t missunderstand my point. I appreciate your music and have almost all of your stuff here. But this time I had the feeling that I willl maybe not buy this release.

  2. Just want to say thanks for giving us the FLAC option. I’m one of the aforementioned nerds who prefers lossless so this is great news. Looking forward to seeing more things pop up in the future.

  3. Talking of prices… I’m a bit shocked about the price for the Peel Sessions CD-R.

    For 19 pounds I can expect that you deliver it personally ;).

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