speed cameras everywhere

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I just did another stadium trip. This time, Nottingham>Norwich>Ipswich>Colchester>Southend-On-Sea>Peterborough>Nottingham. It took 12 hours and clocked around 400 miles. Of course I did it on the old 250cc again and the bike was great through Norfolk and Suffolk on the A and B roads. In a way I’m glad I’ve got nothing bigger as I would have probably lost my licence by now. I’m already booked in for a speed course and am dangerously close to getting more points which would leave me one more strike before being out.

The whole country is now laced with cameras and you can’t afford to put a foot wrong. The system doesn’t take into consideration that we can all make mistakes and somebody who is travelling 400 miles a day is liable to lose their right to ride or drive. I spend more time looking at my speedo and panicking about whether I’m in a 30 or 40 zone than I do looking at the road ahead of me, it’s madness. At least if I smash into something ahead of me I’ll be doing it at the correct speed.

Well this week I’m off to Oxford where they have switched the cameras off, hurrah! Yes, the government has decided to pull the funding for speed cameras to local councils to save money and soon we shall be rid of them altogether. They were supposedly introduced to stop us killing ourselves, yeah right. As usual, money talks.


One comment

  1. Booked in for a speed course? You obviously don’t have to learn how to speed. 😉

    Well, I’m the record holder of speed tickets in my family. But (thank god) no points so far.

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