She’s a slapper alright..with valves in!

Here is the new valveslapper that me and Martin Cooper have engineered and designed. It’s basically the same pedal that was on the front of the seven album, ‘artists cannibals poets thieves’. That was an early prototype which Martin built especially for me. Martin has been a friend of mine for many years and recorded some of the early six.byseven demo’s with his Fostex 8 track including our cover version of Mercury Revs ‘Young Mans Stride’ which was on the b-side to Candlelight. I have been using this distortion in my set up since our 4th album.

Me and Martin have been working together for over a year now and have developed 5 pedals, 2 of which are complete and on sale. The valveslapper is our flagship distortion and we are very proud of the fact that Alex from The Arctic Monkeys uses this as his distortion all the time now. The pedal is also used heavily by both Jason and Tony of Spiritualized and is used by Michael Rother, once of Neu! and Harmonia and also The Coral, The Dandy Warhols and even Ronnie Wood has one!

As an experiment, we have recently decided to become an internet only company and are selling the pedals very cheaply directly from our site. The slapper has a great review in this months guitarist magazine which I’ll post here once its out.

If you click the coopersonic link you can find out more of what we are about and hear what she sounds like, or just go and listen The Arctic Monkeys!


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